Looking to grow your creative business? Want to reach a larger audience on social media?

Erin has grown her handmade textile company, Cotton & Flax, in amazing ways through sharing her work organically on social media. The massive following that she has attracted on Pinterest and Instagram has propelled her forward in her business, and led her to creative opportunities that wouldn't have been possible without the support of her fans.

Creative business owners can feel overwhelmed by the process of planning for their social media presence, but Erin is here to help! Erin loves to share her knowledge about how to make meaningful connections with customers and fans on social media, and can provide a customized, actionable plan for how to maximize the impact of your creative work by using social media to connect with your ideal audience. One-on-one sessions will be tailored to your personal needs and goals. Erin's direct feedback, tips, and resources will help cut through the fog to give you a clear direction to growing your business.

Email Erin to find out how she can help you reach a wider audience, and grow your creative business: