Ready to grow your creative business and reach a larger audience on social media?

Creative business owners often feel overwhelmed by the process of planning for their social media presence, but I'm here to help!

I've grown my business in amazing ways using a simple social media strategy. I want to be your small biz sidekick, and show you how to use social media to build a business that feeds your creative soul.

I want your customers to love you, and your fans to sing your praises on social media. I want help you become a magnet for your dream clients.

I love to teach artists, makers, and creatives of all types how to make meaningful, authentic connections with customers and fans on social media. Through one-on-one consulting, I'm able to provide a customized, actionable plan to maximize the impact of your creative work by using social media to connect with your ideal audience. My direct feedback, tips, and resources will will be tailored to your professional goals, and will give you a clear direction towards growing your business.

Email Erin to learn more about one-on-one consulting, and find out how she can help you reach a wider audience, and grow your creative business:

Prefer to learn at your own pace? Try my new ecourse on CreativeLive!

This class is great for self-motivated creatives who need a little guidence in creating a cohesive brand on social media. Take your brand to the next level with my expert tips on how to reach your ideal audience on social media! Enroll in my course, Connect with your Customers on Social Media, today!

When you join my class, you'll learn:

  • How to create a visual story on Instagram and Pinterest
  • Ideas for memorable promotional posts that build your brand online
  • Proven techniques for enhancing your Pinterest boards and Instagram posts

It’s a great workshop for any small business owner who is looking to make deeper connections with their customers, and provide real value with each post. Plus, you'll enjoy anytime access on your desktop, mobile, or tablet!

Join my class today, and take the first step towards creating a memorable brand and building an engaged audience.

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